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12 touches

The play tells the growth story of a girl named Maria and her Guardian Angel. It's a story of maintaining one's inner softness. Maria passes from birth to adulthood through twelve touches, a guardian angel at her side, who like a human also grows, learns, and occasionally stumbles. Physical, emotional, and spiritual touches can either keep us as soft members of the wool sock gang, or turn us into hardened members of the boot gang. As the guardian angel says, "People are fundamentally members of the wool sock gang, but some pull on boots and move into the world of toughies. From there, it's really hard to find your way back into soft socks. For some, wool socks are natural and self-evident. Others never have new ones knitted. Or holes mended."

Since March 2013, drama instructor Eija Jalkanen hosted a scriptwriting workshop whose 13 participants (ages 12-55) produced the content themselves. The text was finished in autumn 2015. Beginning in autumn 2015, Veräjä has been rehearsing the songs composed for the play, and in January 2016 expression exercises started 2-4 times a week. Choreography exercises were added in February 2016.


Sat 23.4. 15:00 premiere Uimaharju, Markku Pölösen sali

Sun 24.4. 15:00 performance Uimaharju, Markku Pölösen sali

Wed 27.4. 18:00 performance Uimaharju, Markku Pölösen sali

Sat 30.4. 15:00 performance Uimaharju, Markku Pölösen sali

Wed 4.5. 9:30 and 11:30 performances Uimaharju, Markku Pölösen sali (sold out)

Fri 6.5. 12:15 performance Lieksa, Brahe-sali (sold out)

Fri 6.5. 18:00 performance Lieksa Brahe-sali

Sun 8.5. 16:00 performance Penttilä-sali, Liperi

Mon 9.5. 18:00 and 20:00 performances Joensuu, Joensuun kaupunginteatteri

Fri 13.5. 18:00 performance, Ohto-sali, Kontiolahti


15€ adults

13€ pensioners/unemployed/students

5€ children (under 18)

35 € family ticket (2+2)

Group discount: 10 tickets + 1 free

Ticket reservations:

tel. 046 - 909 6267

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